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Joined 5 years ago from Michigan, USA. Last activity 6 weeks ago.

About me:  I've written online since 2006 for various sites on many topics including beauty, alternative health, religion and spirituality, emergency preparedness, and self-employment.

Statement on Alternative Health Articles:  As someone who spent 10 years in the alternative health field, I've shared that interest and experience in some articles on herbal, energy and crystal healing.  However, I've done my best to include disclaimers in my health articles and claim no responsibility for the effectiveness achieved or not achieved from your use of the information provided in my articles.  I'm not a licensed health practitioner and I'm very positive regarding conventional medicine and psychiatry.  

Please be cautious regarding internet claims for health issues and consult a qualified professional for your concerns.  In my opinion, anyone who tells you not to see a doctor because alternative methods cure everything is not to be trusted.  

Doctors aren't part of a conspiracy with the FDA and "Big Pharma" to try to kill their patients.  That conspiracy theory has been going around since at least the 90s and has produced 'Big Herbal.'  The same goes for 'Big Fad Diet' and 'Big Natural.'  Alternative health modalities can be an excellent complimentary to conventional medicine, but please use common sense.




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